Bayern Munich and Juventus Lineups


Bayern Munich are going with a 4-5-1 to stress their strength in midfield.  Notably, though, is the depth of their bench.  Robben can come in on the left with speed and ferocity, pending his penchant for cry baby antics and a lack of teammate cooperation.  Jerome Boateng is also a suitable replacement for the defensive ranks should Bayern find themselves in a problematic matchup.  The wildcard is Gomez, whose form last season helped Bayern to the final but has been sluggish, at best, this season.

Here is how the lineup looks:

G - 1 Manuel Neuer


G - 22 Tom Starke

Juventus are going with a high risk-high reward 3-5-2.  Andrea Pirlo, the old Italian veteran of World Cup Glory (and also with the most beautiful hair in football) anchors the midfield that has brought Juventus 18 wins in a row.  That said, the bench isn't as deep as Bayern, so should Juventus find themselves trailing late without an away goal, there might not be enough to bring on and salvage the away tie.

Here is how the Italians will line up:

G - 1 Gianluigi Buffon


G - 30 Marco Storari