Obama Gun Control: Anti-Gun Advocates Are Losing, in a Win For Common Sense


President Obama’s plea to the country last week showed the nation one thing; emotion might have been the gun control advocate’s best ammunition in the gun debate. Gun control legislation is becoming increasingly more difficult for the Obama administration due to strong NRA lobbying efforts and a decline in support for tougher gun laws.

President Obama and Vice President Biden urged lawmakers and constituents to support all victims of gun violence by backing his administration’s gun control efforts.

It is honestly quite offensive to see so many politicians using victims and tragedy to propel their agenda. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the families of the victims “deserve that Congress votes on these measures and not hide behind filibusters.” Suddenly, it seems, that the Obama administration, along with Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, has likened anyone who opposes their specific ideas on gun control to somehow not caring for the victims of various mass murders involving guns. However, at least one father of a Sandy Hook victim has praised the NRA’s plan to increase school security.

The anti-gun crowd has blamed all of the pro-gun wins on the NRA’s massive lobby efforts. That is why the NRA exists — there are millions of gun owners in the United States; many of which financially contribute to the NRA. That is their purpose. Yes, I do realize that many gun owners are in favor of some of the legislation proposed by the Obama administration, but steep increases in NRA membership suggests that there are many who do want the NRA to represent their Second Amendment right.

The efforts to supposedly reduce gun violence put forth by the White House, and championed by Joe Biden, have been universal background checks, assault weapons bans (which many gun control advocates are admitting is too politically difficult to legislate), and magazine capacity limitations, among others. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said that there was not enough support in the Senate to pass a federal assault weapons ban. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) wrote a strong opinion piece, published Tuesday, in which he provides some background for his support for the Second Amendment and his opposition to universal background checks.

Obama voiced that, “if there is just one step that we can take that would save just one child, just one parent … then we should be doing it.”

This may be an unrelated point, but since the president invoked this claim, I think its fair to ask this question: If you believe in your claim, Mr. President, then why not stop all of your administration’s drone strikes abroad? Those seem to be killing more civilians and children than it does targets. This rhetoric employed by the Obama administration is saddening. Notably, I’m not blaming the drones themselves either.

As of now, the Obama administration is losing the fight for more gun control. Only Connecticut and Colorado have successfully passed more gun laws. Obama will be flying out to Colorado to presumably praise their increased gun control legislation. Meanwhile, gun businesses are leaving states (like Colorado) due to increased legislation and being welcomed by others.

The fact that gun control advocates are losing this fight is a win for common sense and for the Second Amendment. These new gun control legislation brought to the table in an emotional plea by the Obama administration and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are simply not effective in stopping the mass murders nor are they constitutionally acceptable.

The gun is not the root of the problem. Criminals will be criminals; banning specific firearms, limiting magazines, or requiring background checks will not stop criminals who want to kill. There are plenty of other ways to do harm. Firearm ownership is a constitutionally protected right; one that shall not be infringed and is vital for the free state. Guns allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and also are an additional protection against tyranny. As a nation, we must stand for our right to defend ourselves, should we ever need to.

For the time being, reason and common sense win. Let us work together to combat the real problems behind the trigger.