Bill Kristol Thinks Millennials' Gay Marriage Views Are Just a Fad


Are views on gay marriage a passing fad based around millennial sentiment for the issue? Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, believes so. In a podcast he suggested shifting opinions within the Republican Party are demonstrative of a fad, and the party and elected officials who have come to the support of gay marriage are merely making attempts to cater to young people — who don't really know anything.  

Kristol remarked

"I mean, there’s something pathetic about it. I’ve found it really distasteful. I mean I myself am socially conservative on the marriage issue but even if you’re not, just say what you believe and let the country decide ... This kind of pathetic attempt of ‘Oh my god, young people especially are liberal so let’s just rush to cater to them.’ As if they’re going to respect you if you just embrace the views of some 26-year-old who doesn’t know anything honestly. Can’t adults say young people are sometimes wrong?"

Kristol, self-described as socially conservative on the marriage issue, suggested letting the country decide on the issue, rather than have the matter decided by the court.  

But that is already happening. Opinions across the country have changed on the issue of gay marriage

Kristol found it distasteful Republicans were willing to "just throw over thousands of years of history and what the great religions teach and let’s just embrace it because, hey, you don’t want to be on the other side from a TV show that has 20 million viewers. I mean, really, that’s what a serious political party does?"

When we talk about marriage let us not forget that our American/Western concept of marriage, that one marries another due to mutual love and the desire to get married, is a modern notion. This bucks the historical trend of the last millinia of marrying for the truly honorable reasons men found to marry for property transfers, land acquisition, or social standing. 

Sorry, Bill Kristol. A serious political party takes a look at why they have lost elections and make needed adjustments, remaining principled to their core beliefs but making allowences for changing opinions amongst its supporters. A serious political party looks to see how it can grow and be successful in the future.