5 Conspiracy Theories Both Democrats and Republicans Believe In


Conspiracies have long been a staple of America politics. From 1800s Anti-Masonic Party worries that John F. Kennedy would directly take orders from the Papacy during the 1960 presidential election — to the believe that the Yale senior society Skull and Bones is actually a sect of the global Illuminati — American imagination for the fantastic knows no bounds. Public Policy Polling recently did a poll of the beliefs of Americans in various conspiracies and the results are quite surprising. Without out any further delay, before my illuminati brain programming kicks in, here are the top five conspiracies that some Americans actually believe in:

1. Lizard People:

When it comes to the Reptilian Overlords, there is no significant partisan gap between Republicans and Democrats. Two percent of Obama voters, and 5% of Romney voters, said that they believed in lizard people, which brings the overall number among Americans to 4%. David Ickle would be proud.

2. Mind Controlling TV:

Similar to our beliefs in Lizard People, the partisan divide is well within the margin of error when it comes to secret TV brainwashing signals. Although much higher than the belief in Lizard people — at 15% overall — 12% of Obama voters and 18% of Romney voters think that their episodes of Parks and Recreation come with something other then Ron Swanson's antics when it beams into your home.

3. A New World Order:

In a statistic that will surprise few, Romney voters where more than twice — 38% as likely — to believe in New World Order compared to Obama voters (16%). I would like to note that this question went way beyond standard rhetoric about federal government overreach, in fact asking for a belief in a "a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order." Considering that the government messed up sending my ID several times, I am not willing to give them that much credit … yet.

4. Chemtrails:

Chemtrails prove to be a unifying force in America in both red states and blue states. Five percent of Romney voters, and 3% of Obama voters, shirked in fear of mind control chemicals dropping down from planes everyday. Overall, 5% of Americans feared them as well.

5. Fluoridation of Water:

Turns out maintaining the purity of our bodily fluids is as American as apple pie and baseball. The same percentage of Romney and Obama voters, 8%, were worried that fluoride was being added to our water supply for more sinister reason then dental health.