40 Million Americans Think Obama is the Antichrist (and 12.5 Million Think He's a Reptilian)


Public Policy Polling (PPP), the group behind the odd poll questions about God's approval rating and whether or not Michigan's trees are the right height, released on Tuesday the results of a poll asking Americans whether they believe certain conspiracy theories.

It seems while most Americans believe in a conspiracy theory related to John F. Kennedy's assassination, there aren't too many who think lizard people control politics or that "Paul is dead" (I guess I'm too young to have heard this one?). Here are some of the other numbers:

PPP went farther in its analysis of the results by comparing the number of Democrats vs. the number of Republicans who believe each theory. The most intense divides between parties occur on the subjects of global warming (Republicans believe it's a hoax, Democrats don't) and whether the Bush administration intentionally misled the public about weapons of mass destruction to promote the Iraq War (Democrats believe they did, Republicans don't).

This study shouldn't be used as a means of generalizing any party or group of people in particular, but it is fun to look at the differences between people on these theories. And ... wait a minute, does that say 12 million people believe that reptilians run the government?

The survey was conducted over 4 days and involved 1,247 registered American voters; the margin of error for all categories is +/-2.8%. You can read the full questions and the study results in-depth here.