[LIVE] Who is Winning the GOP Debate in New Hampshire?


The six remaining Republican candidates will gather in New Hampshire on Saturday night for a two-hour debate sponsored by ABC News, Yahoo, and WMUR-TV. Just ten hours later, they will debate once again on NBC's "Meet the Press."

The debates serve as a prelude to this week's New Hampshire primaries, which could prove pivotal for the future of some of the remaining candidates' campaigns.

Polls show Mitt Romney with a wide lead in New Hampshire, but his rivals will surely aim their attacks at him this weekend.

Here's a quick recap of what the media is saying in advance of this weekend's debates:

- Rick Kaplan, producer for Saturday's debate, says he doesn't "remember a debate that has as much on the line as this one." He said, "There's no candidate who can skate in this one. You fight this night or you don't have another night. This is it. This is do or die."

- The New York Times says all eyes are on Jon Huntsman, whose campaign hangs in the balance. Also look for whether Newt Gingrich will attack Romney in each debate (even though he insists that he will not go negative).

- Real Clear Politics gives a nice recap of what each candidate must do in these debates, saying that Rick Santorum's task is to "keep inspiring social conservatives who admire his faith and principles without sounding extreme." Regarding Ron Paul, he "would be well-served to express racial tolerance, and perhaps make a direct overture to Huntsman."

Join the Debate: As you tune in to this weekend's two debates, share your reactions live in the comment stream. Tell us who you believe won each debate and why.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons