Child Protestor Spends Easter Condemning Gays and LGBTs to Hell


A child protester in North Carolina spent his Easter Sunday in front of Green Street United Methodist Church, condemning homosexuals and the said church’s entire congregation for supporting same-sex relationships.

The child’s objections are in response to Green Street Church’s vow to stop officiating any wedding ceremonies or signing off any marriage licenses until same-sex couples are given the same opportunities to marry as straight couples, both in the state of North Carolina as well as within the entire United Methodist Church denomination.

In an 8-minute YouTube clip of the one-boy demonstration, the unidentified child shouts, “The Bible talks about the homosexuals, they’re worthy of death … and you people approve of that. And that’s why you’re going to hell.”

Anti-LGBT activist Brian Cranford posted the video Sunday morning. His other videos follow a similarly aggressive tone, with many of them referring to one mission statement — “preaching to the lost.”

On his website, Cranford states, “The Lord has called Me specifically into evangelism Street ministry.” 

In the clip, members of the Green Street Church congregation are seen walking down the church steps, most likely leaving Easter Sunday Mass as the child yells out anti-gay sentiments.

At one point, an elderly woman leaving the church walks up to the child and attempts to hug him. As the boy circumvents, the man wielding the video camera tells the boy to “back up” from the woman. She responds with patting the child in the back and says to the boy, “I’m sorry — I love you anyway.”

After the surprise encounter, the child ceases his protestations momentarily. However, the man behind the camera curtly states, “Preach.” And the child resumes his shouting.

Gay marriages discussed within religious realms usually produce polarizing and emotionally heated commentary, as shown in the video. However, tensions and questionable use of discourse also flare when discussing same-sex couples within the federal government.

In a conference call in early February, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) linked gay marriage with bestiality, stating that legalizing same-sex couples would open the floodgates for “love for an animal.” He has made similar sentiments before — in response to the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Bill, Gohmert said the legislation would not only legalize homosexuality, but also Nazism, bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia.

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments of challenges against both the federal Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative. DOMA bars the government from giving certain spousal benefits to same-sex couples. Prop 8 bans same-sex marriages in California. Pundits predict that the outcomes of this case will not only be controversial — it may leave many unsatisfied.