10 Biggest Sports Coach Freakouts


There aren't many jobs in which it is acceptable to scream, curse, destroy private property, and generally act like an oversized toddler.  Maybe that's what drew these men to the coaching ranks in the first place.

1. Phillip Wellman, Mississippi Braves Manager (2007-2010):

The hat toss, covering the plate in dirt, tossing third base into the outfield, and a rosin bag grenade toss. This video has it all. 

2. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Football Coach (2005-present):

If this was his way of having a 40th birthday party, I can't wait for the big 5-0.   

3. Jim Mora Sr., Indianapolis Colts Head Coach (1998-2001):

If you haven't impersonated Mora Sr., do yourself a favor and give a try.

4. Dave Christensen, Wyoming Football Coach (2009-present):

A brand new catchphrase! "Look At Me, Mr. F*cking Howdy Doody!"

5. Bobby Knight, Indiana Basketball Coach (1971-2000):

Knight has become a caricature of himself over the years, and it all began with this epic toss.

6. Kevin Borseth, Michigan Women's Basketball Coach (2007-2012):

This guy really loves rebounding.

7. Lou Pinella, Chicago Cubs Manager (2007-2010):

Is it possible to be the world's greatest dirt kicker?

8. John Chaney, Temple Basketball Coach (1982-2006):

To be fair, a lot of people have wanted to kick John Calipari's ass over the years.  

9. Earl Weaver, Baltimore Orioles Manager (1968-1982, 1985-1986):

There's a reason that Weaver has the AL record for ejections with 98 for his career.

10. Jim Calhoun, UConn Basketball Coach (1986-2012):

Get some facts and come back and see him!