What Would Female Superheroes Look Like If They Weren't Objectified?


Although female superheroes such as Wonder Woman are often considered bold feminist icons epitomizing female strength and duress, they’ve also been the targets of criticism because of their sexualized facade. Whereas male superheroes are often presented in active poses, the females ones tend to be more objectified. 

Check out Michael Lee Lunsford's awesome illustrations of your favorite female superheroes for a lot less cleavage and a lot more amazingness. Here are a few of our favorites, but don’t forget to check out the whole collection here

1. Superwoman doesn't need spandex to be awesome




2. Powergirl looks comfortably fierce


3. Does anyone else think Black Canary's hiding some rad moon boots under those pants?




4. Call Elektra sweet. She dares you



5. Wonder Woman is ready to whoop your ass if you dare cat-call her while she's busy saving the world