Michelle Obama Entertainment Tonight Appearance: Barack Has "Swag"


In an interview that aired on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday, Michelle Obama answered some hard-hitting questions on foreign policy, unemployment, and her controversial health initiatives.

Just kidding. She talked about how hot her husband is and what her next signature dance move should be.

For those of you who cannot endure an entire Enterntainment Tonight interview (that makes two of us), do not fear! I've watched it so that you don't have to!

You're welcome.

Here are the highlights:

0:20: The video starts with an interesting discussion about the evolution of the White House.  

0:40: When the first lady praises Jackie Kennedy for her lasting legacy in American society, the interviewer uses it as a segway to talk about how both women also totally kinda have smoking hot manfriends. I'm sure glad someone brought that up! Thanks ET!

0:53: When the interviewer mentions that Bill Clinton is on the list of presidential sex symbols, I can't decide if Michelle Obama's face screams: "speak for yourself" or "where the hell is she going with this?" Either way, it's awesome.

1:02: This is when Michelle Obama becomes the first First Lady to ever pronounce the word "swag" on network television. 

1:52: Michelle Obama explains: "I don't do stuff I can't do" which I believe has just solved most (if not all) of my existential problems.

1:53: It appears that this interview is heading towards a dance-off.

2:03: False-alarm. 

2:30: Michelle Obama candidly opens up about the topic we're all waiting for the White House to formally address. No, it's not about the number of innocent lives that have been taken by drones. It's much more important than that. It's about her bangs, duh. Is she going to keep em'? Is she going to lose em'? The suspense is killing me!

2:37: Because interviewers always save the most controversial questions for last, Michelle Obama was asked about her opinion on (DOMA?) (North Korea?) spring fashion! 

2:43: To the interviewer's disapointment, Michelle Obama didn't delve into the latest trends in Manolos, and instead explained that she's most excited about finally "wearing flats" because the work that she does requires her to be "comfortable." Amen sister.

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