Will Seth Meyers Replace Jimmy Fallon On "Late Night'?


For the past couple of weeks, the talk show world has been abuzz with rumors that Jimmy Fallon would be taking Jay Leno's place as host of NBC's The Tonight Show. This, of course, raised the question of who would then replace Fallon on The Late Show (and if Leno was actually being serious this time). Fallon's former Saturday Night Live cast mate, Seth Meyers, soon became the rumored favorite. Well, if these rumors are anything like the rumors about Fallon replacing Leno, they have some validity; on Wednesday afternoon, NBC confirmed that Fallon would, in fact, take over The Tonight Show in spring 2014.

Many SNL fans are excited about the idea of the current head writer getting his deserved chance in the limelight as the host of his own night show. Yet others, still wonder what it'll mean for the future of Saturday Night Live, which has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the past few seasons (the most notable "up" being Justin Timberlake's highly-rated hosting gig, which granted him entry into the Five-Timers Club). In the world of television, one can never be sure, but here are five things that seem inevitable if Meyers leaves SNL.

1. 'Weekend Update' will never be the same: 

Meyers joined the 'Weekend Update' team in 2006, and when his co-anchor, Amy Poehler, left in 2008, Meyers took over the entire segment on his own. Arguably the best segment in the show, 'Weekend Update' has remained steadily hilarious under Meyers' reign, in large part perhaps because fellow cast mates love appearing in 'Weekend Update' cameos. Last week on Watch What Happens Live, Bobby Moynihan replied "anything with Seth" when Andy Cohen asked the comedian to reveal his favorite roles on SNL. And nothing is more adorable than when Bill Hader and Meyers break character during a Stefon interview.

So it's a legitimate concern that 'Weekend Update' will never be the same if Seth leaves. Although people probably thought that when Tina Fey left back in the day, and it all worked out just fine.

2. New talent will come in:

SNL is known for giving fresh talent a chance, incubating young stars for further development. Four newbie comedians have been featured on the show throughout the 2012-2013 season, and numerous stars have credited SNL with jumpstarting their careers. So as they say, out with the old and in with the new.

3. He'll host SNL in the future:

If Meyers leaves, the first thing the show will wanna do is get him back — this time, as a host. Numerous former cast members — Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, and Maya Rudolph, to name a few — have returned to the stage as host, and some are even members of the elite Five-Timers Club.

Perhaps Meyers will even come back for a 'Weekend Update' cameo. That could be pretty amazing. When Poehler had had enough of the birth control debate back in February of 2012, she returned for a 'Weekend Update' segment of 'Really!?! With Seth and Amy,' one of the most hilarious sketches to date.

4. The new 'Weekend Update' anchor will be a surprise:

When Tina Fey left SNL, Meyers was a pretty obvious replacement for his former castmate. And though it may have been a surprise when Meyers remained as the sole anchor after Poehler left, it seemed logical enough since audiences were used to Meyers. But now, if Meyers leaves, there won't be even one familiar face on 'Weekend Update.'

There's no obvious replacement, either. Although Jason Sudeikis seems the most probable candidate, continuous rumors that he, too, will soon be leaving the show makes it less likely. Seasoned veterans Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are too vital to the segment as special guests to take on the role. Vanessa Bayer and Taran Killam as a pair, however, would be a solid and practical option; let's avoid the whole just-one-anchor thing this time, guys. It puts everyone in a tight spot.

5. He'll do a great job on The Late Show:

Aw, so proud of this guy! From his long run on 'Weekend Update,' it's clear that Meyers' forte lies in one-on-one dialogue, so his transition into the role of The Tonight Show host should be smooth. Meyers will simply trade in interviews with Drunk Uncle for ones with the likes of Charlie Sheen and Khloe Kardashian — gotta say, doesn't seem like too difficult a shift.