5 Jobs On TV Shows That Seem Cool and Easy, But Are Actually Really Demanding


Whether you are a fan of Mad Men or The Big Bang Theory, the well-accomplished characters on these shows make their work look easy. Dont be fooled! Here are five jobs that are actually really demanding:

1. Environmental Lawyer


Marshall manages to find plenty of time outside of work to reconnect with his best friends.

REALITY: If Marshall is a recent graduate and a first year associate at a prominent law firm, he is more than likely spending around 80 hours a week working. Most of the money he is making would probably be used to pay back student loans and go towards raising a baby with Lily.

2. Astronaut


Howard from The Big Bang Theory seems like a pretty normal nerd who spends most of this time playing World of Warcraft and at the comic book store. He is also a trained astronaut who is just spending his days waiting around to go to outer space. 

REALITY: Usually, it takes around 15 years (even more depending on your specialization) of training before you are a fully trained astronaut. What’s even more interesting is the fact that if you do get the opportunity to leave Earth, upon your return, you have to undergo many more months of training to get use to gravity again.

3. Creative Director Of Advertising


Don Draper and his pals make advertising look easy. Much of his time is spent dining clients at the swankiest restaurants or drinking martinis and smoking at noon.

REALITY: To become a creative director you at least need to have a master’s degree. The competition is fierce and unforgiving. You don't work by the clock instead you put in as many hours needed. Peggy’s role on the show more closely represents what the job of a creative director really entails.

 4. Deputy Parks Director 

Leslie Knope means business when it comes to her job. She maintains a strong work ethic because she wants to be the best Bureaucrat Pawnee has ever seen. Sure her job is stressful, but her solution to any problem happens to be lots and lots of candy.

REALITY: Most people who choose a career in public office have stressful work lives. Many public servants hold law degrees or a masters degree in a related subject. As a public servant you have tight budgets and are expected to make miracles happen. You don’t exactly make the big bucks, but you do have the satisfaction of knowing you were part of a project that makes your community a better place to live.

5. Director of WHO DID THIS


Come on, lets face it, who doesn’t want to have a life like Barney Stintson? (No one really knows what Barney’s job title is)

REALITY: There is no reality. Barney’s life and job are too good to be true. Besides, no one can really live Barney Stintson's life better than Barney himself.

All these jobs have their perks but sitcoms only show us the pretty side of things. Before you consider choosing a career path based on your favorite TV show character, you might want to do a little research to make sure you know what you are getting into.