Great Gatsby Full Trailer: It's Like High School English ... With Dubstep


Warner Brothers just released a new trailer for the Great Gatsby and it seems to stick pretty well to the original text with only a slight dashing of Fast and Furious.

It's nice to see Baz Luhrmann and Di Caprio team up again, and the movie certainly holds true to his stunning, visual style. I suppose in the avalanche of literary "interpretations" being churned out by Hollywood this isn't the worst offender, or even the second worst offender. Actually, on the sheer merit of overwhelmingly terrible competition, Gatsby may end up being comparatively good!

But in a cinematic era of formulaic stories and happy endings, how will a great American tragedy be received? Can the audiences that flock to cinema these days to see explosions of color in 3D glasses be satisfied by a plot filled with dark emotion and conflict? Can the literary fans find enough substance in the dance sequences and costume design?

Will the marriage of these worlds land a successful "modernization?" Does Baz still know how to steer a ship? It's been more than a decade since Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet. The movie has enough star power to at least secure it a comfortable box office landing, and audiences seem rather optimistic. But Hollywood has had the taste of an obnoxious frat boy lately, so it's hard not to expect some artistic molestation!