Mike Rice Firing: Fox News Says It Was a "Wuss" Move


The firing of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, due to his aggressive and highly offensive coaching tactics, has stirred up a lot of commotion and discussion. These discussions stem from “How could his derogatory practices continued for so long without team members speaking up?” to “Our culture’s in decline because this man got fired.” Our culture is not in decline because a racist, violent and homophobic basketball coach was fired for offending his team, children and millions of Americans, but Fox News thinks so.

Eric Bolling, host of Fox News’s The Five, said in response to the firing of Mike Rice, that this is contributing to the “wussification” of America and posed the question, “is political correctness ruining America?” Bolling’s opinion on the situation, as you can see in this video clip, is actually the decline of our culture.

Bolling claims, “we’re in the midst of political correctness crushing our ability to teach kids, to discipline kids.” Even though he confirms that using slurs is not okay, he believes that political correctness is what caused Rice’s firing. “They fired him because this video got to ESPN and a lot of people saw it.” 


They fired him because he used physical dominance to scare basketball players into performing better. He used homophobic slurs, which can be so trying on individuals that they inflict self-harm.  

Mike Rice was a verbally and physically abusive coach. He felt the need to embarrass kids and teammates for a performance result. He made racist slurs against a Lithuanian member of the team, which cause that player to transfer schools. Rice also called his players “fags” and “fairies” when they were doing poorly or even wearing flip-flops. Bolling for some reasons does not see why this behavior is unacceptable and deserves harsh and direct response, like termination.  

Eric Bolling may not be able to understand that monitoring slurs in professional settings is much more than political correctness.  If he was objectified everyday at work and this limited his self-confidence, maybe he could see this situation, as it really is, unacceptable.

Firing Mike Rice does not add to the wussification of America, it adds to the education and support of a greater America.