Christopher Abbot On 'Girls': Charlie Says Goodbye to Lena Dunham's HBO Series


Weeks after its season finale, everyone is still buzzing about Girls. Season 2 of the show pushed the envelope on many topics and dared to go places no one has ever before. As the show gets ready for season 3, the New York Post announced that Christopher Abbott has left the popular HBO series.

My reaction:

The real reason why Abbott called it quits is still unknown. Rumor has it that the show’s director and Abbott were butting heads about the future of his character Charlie. Abbott’s departure comes as a surprise, because the season finale almost guaranteed that Charlie will play an essential role in Marnie’s life.   

Girls definitely is full of surprises. The season 2 finale was a shocker because it had more displays of cheesy affection than the usual raw emotion we were so attuned to watching. Throughout the progression of the series, Charlie has managed to capture the hearts of all his female viewers with his hipster and romantic ways. I mean, who wouldn’t be in love with a rock star/tech app guru/hopeless romantic?

So what does this mean for all the Charlie fans?

After weeks of wishing and praying that Marnie and Charlie would get back together, this news almost confirms that there relationship was never meant to last forever. What makes me even sadder is the fact that Charlie was actually the only heartthrob on the show. Who is going to take his place? Definitely not Ray and I think Adam would probably freak out if he were given so much love.

Abbott’s departure is bittersweet for its viewers. It will definitely be interesting to see how Lena will write off his character. Much of season 2, Marnie, Charlie’s love interest, was a wreck up until the season finale. Most of Marnie’s actions were greatly influenced and affected by the status of her relationship with Charlie. How she will manage to cope without Charlie in her life at all will be in an interesting dilemma to watch.