10 Funniest Karen Walker Quotes


You cannot mention the actress Megan Mullally without thinking of her alter ego Karen Walker. Will and Grace brought us the talents of Debra Messing, Eric McCormick, and Sean Hayes. Messing and McCormick played Will and Grace respectively, but it's Mullally's Karen Walker that stole the show. When combined with Hayes, they crackled with wit and snark, virtually uprooting the show from the stars. Here is a list of the top ten best Karen Walker lines.

1. Crazy lady doesn't mince words

And she's right, "tact" is for those missing the sarcastic gene. Some people have it and some people wish they did. Karen has it and we miss it.

2. Brutal, brash, and brilliant

Common whores must stick together. Karen Walker knows a common whore when she sees one. This quote is divine inspiration from a one woman martini wrecking machine.

3. She's passionate about what she believes in

She's the best dresser, she's got more money than she could possibly spend. And that rack? Every woman wishes they could hijack her rack. Thank God she knows it and it's firmly attached.

4. I die.

The very idea of a drunken common whore entering a public pool? What boldness she brings in the face of such a common adversity. Maybe being peed on would take the stink of chlorine away. Oh well, that martini will kick in and she'll forget all about being near a filthy commoner infested public pool.

5. Liquor at the movies

To be fair, Karen didn't actually say this, but it was said about her. Liquor, a movie theatre, and classy all go hand in hand. Thank you Jack for pointing out the obvious. Some movies just need a little liquor injection to get through them.

6. Respect the poor little people that buy flowers

Karen Walker buys mountains of jewelry, mansions, and as many illegal tranquilizers as her heart desires. Brutal honesty never hits so low, or warms the heart so much.

7. Best way to slap someone

When you're too tired, to limp, or too drunk, have someone bash their head against your palm. It should work like a charm.

8. All the best mothers know what to do

Locking someone in their room makes them stronger, telling them their fat inspires them to lose weight, and leaving them in a store makes them appreciate a responsible adult presence.

9. Basic reality check

People often think they're funny. But so many times, they're not. Karen's words to live by. You're not funny, so deal with it. Have a martini and let's move on.

10. Preheat the oven? Forget it, dive right in

This is Karen Walker. She's burning and ready to go. And one more bonus: