Amanda Bynes Twitter: Former Actress Admits to Eating Disorder


Although former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes hasn't consistently used Twitter in recent years, she sure has a lot to say on the social media site these days. Bynes dropped a bombshell on Twitter Thursday when she revealed the fact that she has an eating disorder, the latest in what appears to be a stream of eccentric tweets from Bynes. 

Before the drop of her eating disorder tweet, she updated statuses which may have vaguely alluded to her issue: 

In addition to the mention of an eating disorder, it would appear that Bynes has an infatuation with rapper Drake.

An infatuation that reached a climax (no pun intended) when she specifically tweeted what she'd like to have him do to her. 

Bynes has also posted an array of tweets alluding to romantic notions in general, one tweet addressing her exes in particular.

Also on her Twitter Bynes has threatened to go through with lawsuits against tabloid talk. 

In the end, no one seems to be certain as to what is going on with Amanda Bynes. Will she become the next Lindsay Lohan? Will Drake ever return her advances? On a more serious note, with the admittance of an eating problem that plagues the likes of both the famous and ordinary alike, one can only hope that Bynes is able to seek treatment and gain the support needed in handling what could easily transform into a life-threatening condition.