Angelina Jolie: "When the Taliban Shot Malala They Made Her Stronger"


Check out this stirring speech Angelina Jolie delivered at the Women In The World Summit in New York Thursday. During her tribute to Malala, the young Pakistani activist who risked her life to campaign for young girls' right to education, the actress applauded the teenager's courage and bravery. In an inspiring retelling of Malala's story, Jolie said: 

"Here's what [the Taliban] accomplished. They shot her point-blank range in the head — and made her stronger. The brutal attempt to silence her voice made it stronger."

Jolie's speech was a tribute but also an introduction to Malala who appeared on a screen from her home in Britain. In her appearance, she mentioned that her charity the "Malala's Fund," will build a school that will teach 40 girls in her hometown of Pakistan.

"Let us turn the education of 40 girls into 40 million girls," she eagerly said.

According to Now This News, after Malala's passionate words, the founder of the Women in The World Summit announced Jolie's $200,000 pledge to "Malala's Fund".

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