5 Most Popular College Themed Parties


The routine of going to a regular bar, club, or dorm party on the weekends can get dull every so often. Here are the five most common ways to break that cycle by throwing in a theme to any given event!

1. Toga

Ah, the classic toga party making its first debut in the movie Animal House. If you are in college and have not been to one, chances are you’re doing something wrong. I’d say at this point, toga parties are fully ingrained in the party culture. It’s low cost and you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear.

2. Anything But Clothes

Commonly known as “ABC” parties, and similarly channels the celebration of Halloween where girls have an excuse to wear minimal clothing. It’s usually them duct taping their chest and wearing a skirt made out of a trash bag, and guys usually roll in with boxers and socks. Essentially, the risqué nature of this theme makes it all the more fun.

3. CEOs and Corporate Hoes

Another degrading theme!? No way…Even though guys claim it’s a classy event. At its most basic level, girls dress up as office secretaries and the guys dress up as their bosses in a suit and tie. And since people go to college to eventually get interviewed for semester internships, they will definitely own office clothes of some sort.

4. Decade Party

If you believe you were born in the wrong decade, which many transforming, emotional, and experimental students in college do, a decade themed party is your chance to channel your inner hippie or wear that flapper dress in the back of your closet. Girls, this might be the only time you will ever wear something of your mothers. 

5. Around the World

Here’s your shot to rep your home country and/or your native roots, and dress up like the people in other countries. For instance, if you wanted to represent Mexico, you might wear some beads and a sombrero. Or, if you wanted to rep France, you could wear some nautical stripes, a red scarf, and a beret. Since Americans conventionally dress quite similar, especially college students, this is fun to throw in some international strut.