Lucy Flores Abortion: Nevada Lawmaker Faces Death Threats After Talking About Her Abortion


Pro-life? Death threats? Such is the misguided "movement" to ban abortion nationwide.

This time, opinionated pro-lifers around the country are targeting Nevada assemblywoman Lucy Flores for her testimony on Monday at the Assembly Education Committee's hearing on Assembly Bill 230, which would revise Nevada's abstinence-only sex education so it is more comprehensive. In highlighting the importance of sex education, Flores shared a very personal story — about her own abortion.

"I'm going to say something I've never said publicly before, because why not? I've been open about everything else?" she began tearfully. "I had six other sisters, all of them became pregnant in their teens — all of them. One was 14 years old when she got pregnant with twins. That is what I had to learn from."

Flores' story emphasized her lack of education on the topic in a culture where no one cared enough to prevent the growing number of teen mothers. She didn't want to join the statistics and knew she wasn't able to carry a child, much less raise one at age 16. So when she got pregnant, her choice was clear.

"I had an abortion because I didn't have access to birth control, or even an understanding of what that meant," she explained. "I didn't even understand that my worth did not come from men, or sex with men, trying to fill up a hole in me from so much pain."

Now Flores is facing severe backlash for her decision, and even more so for her willingness to open up about it. The conservative website Life News even went so far as to headline their story about her testimony "Democratic Legislator: I Don't Regret Killing My Baby in Abortion."

But even that doesn't compare to the death threats she has received since. Following this news, she canceled an April 4 TV appearance, citing her need to be "cautious" in the wake of what was already a difficult experience.

Supporters have taken to her Facebook page to send messages of support and thanks for her bravery in sharing her story where it may not have been well-received. Flores addressed these postings in a message to her supporters on Thursday:

"I remain dedicated to my beliefs and convictions, and no matter what comes my way, I will not be silenced — on ANY topic," she wrote.

Flores' conviction on such a controversial and personal topic is commendable. Her drive for better education that arose as a result of her choice to have an abortion is unmatched and honorable, especially when she knows she faces such staunch opposition by "pro-life" activists who slam her with death threats for talking about her experience.

"I shared that story because I felt it was relevant to the importance of sex education in Nevada schools, and my belief that our children need to be armed with good information in order to make good choices," she said.

Selfless, ambitious, and unrelenting. #FierceFlores, indeed.