Spanx Founder Thinks Being A Billionaire Is Awesome


Spanx founder and overall amazing human being Sara Blakely cracked up the crowd at The Women in The World Summit yesterday. In 2012, at the fresh age of 42, she became the youngest female self-made billionaire.  For a person who only had $5000 in savings, had recently failed the LSATs, and who couldn't afford a lawyer to patent the product, she built it all from the ground. Women in The World reports:

"When moderator Felicia Taylor, a CNN International business correspondent, asked her how it felt to be a billionaire, Blakely paused. 'That’s an interesting question,' she said. 'It's awesome.' Cheers erupted from the stands."

If you don't know what Spanx are, check out Saturday Night Live's hilarous parody of the product. 

What Sara Blakely's next step? She says: "I always say I want to invent a comfortable stiletto and then retire," she told the crowd. "We put a man on the moon, I know we can do this."

A comfortable pair of high heels? Uh yes please.

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