5 Tips to Master the LSAT and Get Into Your Dream Law School

ByMedum Choe

During this time of economic turmoil, the legal profession has undoubtedly taken a major blow. With a significant decrease in job prospects, the story of the law student unable to find employment and facing insurmountable debt has become all too familiar. In spite of this, the number of sanguine law school applicants remains consistently high.

If you are one among the many still considering law school, you are already well aware of the one beast you must conquer — the LSAT. Law schools rely heavily on this test as an indicator of your potential performance and success in law school. If even the thought of the test turns your stomach, don’t fret; with time and dedication, it is a test that’s certainly beatable. Here are 5 tips that will help you get the score that you desire:

1) Set a clear plan: If you decide to study for the test on your own, you need a clear plan and schedule. Set at least one hour a weekday to practice sections and read whatever LSAT resources you have available. On the weekends, it is recommended that you do 1-2 full-length tests to adequately gauge your progress. If you have the financial means to do so, a course such as Testmasters or PowerScore can greatly help in keeping you motivated and efficiently structuring your time.

2) Read, read, read: The test has a surprising amount of dense reading. You must be able to read quickly while absorbing the minutia of the text. You should constantly practice actively reading whenever you have the chance. Moreover, you should also read literature pertaining to the LSAT. I highly recommend the Powerscore Logic Games Bible and Logical Reasoning Bible. They are invaluable resources for strategies on a variety of LSAT questions.

3) Timing is everything: As you become more familiar with what the LSAT expects of you, begin taking sections and tests under strict timed conditions. While the LSAT questions are undoubtedly challenging, the pressure of time makes them even more difficult. As you continually practice, eventually you will become comfortable with the pace of the test. You will also be able to adequately assess your strengths and weaknesses and devise strategies for how to best allocate your time.

4) Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing: One great thing about the LSAT is that almost every past test that has been administered is available. TAKE EVERY TEST YOU POSSIBLY CAN. CambridgeLSAT.com offers over 50 tests that you can download at a very reasonable price. The common thread among all highly successful LSAT test takers has been the amount of ACTUAL tests that they have taken prior to the day of the test. Don’t sell yourself short; by putting in the time on these past tests, you will gain the experience and comfort to crush it on test day.

5) Know thyself: As you practice, keep a log of all of the questions that you incorrectly answer during your practice sessions. More often than not, you will begin to see patterns in the question types that you are most commonly getting incorrect. Refer back to these questions often, so that you can address those weaknesses.  

By using these tips, you will definitely see a marked improvement in your test score. Good luck and happy studying!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons