Dogs Wearing Pantyhose: Five Reasons You Shouldn't Put Pantyhose on Your Dog


A bizarre new Internet trend from China is making waves across social media. According to Kotaku, it's called "Gou gou chuan siwa," which translates into English as "Dog Wearing Pantyhose." The title pretty much sums it up. People are putting their dogs in see through tights and high-heels and shamelessly snapping pictures of them.  Some think it's funny. Some think it's wrong. Here's five reasons you shouldn't put pantyhose on your dog. 

1. It's not because China says it's cool that we have to do it. We didn't start carrying live turtles and fish around our necks when China thought that'd be cute, so let's collectively resist this trend too.

2.We're taking advantage of dogs' unrelenting kindness. Cats would never put up with this shit.

3. Dogs in pantyhose is part of a seemingly broader tolerance for dog abuse. Remember the time China thought it was entirely acceptable to dye and shave their dogs in the shape of other animals? Not cool.

4. Pantyhose is not comfortable. It's tight, it doesn't let your skin breathe, so I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be for a dog. If someone forced me to wear it, it wouldn't be funny. It would be cruel. 

5. Dogs are awesome just the way they are. They don't need pantyhose or high-heals to be damn good social media sharing material.

Picture courtesy of Babies and Puppies 

What do you think about this weird Internet meme? Funny or animal cruelty?

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