Will Chris Christie Be Mitt Romney's Vice President?


Fresh from opening up to Oprah about his weight and after signing the unprecedented “Caylee Anthony’s Law” into legislation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has yet to decide on another matter of national implications: whether to veto or sign the New Jersey Botox Tax repeal.

However, Christie’s busy schedule didn’t prevent him from stumping before the New Hampshire Republican primary for former governor of Massachusetts and CEO of Bain Capital Mitt Romney, with a gusto and enthusiasm that did nothing but fuel the rumors of a potential 2012 Romney/Christie ticket.

True, Christie is another moderate from the Northeast supposedly incapable of delivering a significant swing state like Florida or Ohio. But in a political era in which the media has the power to elevate long-shot candidates to front-runner status, Christie’s ability to turn unexpected moments into viral applause lines of attack against his opponents could be a huge asset.

And nowhere else was this skill more evident than in the aforementioned New Hampshire event in which Chris “Sweetheart” Christie responded to female hecklers who chanted “Mitt (and Christie) kill jobs” with a Jersey Shore-style rant about how he and Romney have created jobs in the private sector while President Barack Obama has supposedly killed them (you can see it in the above video).

With his bona fide anti-union credentials, Christie could help Romney spread the gospel of free markets and private enterprise now that the Republican front-runner has decided to embrace his inner Iron Lady, refusing to apologize for his success in the private sector and flaunting his newly found conservative voice. 

What do you think? Would Chris Christie make for a good running mate or would his potentially sexist gaffes be a liability for the Republican nominee?    

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons