What Time is 'Mad Men' On?


The penultimate season of Mad Men premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC. The 2-hour premiere, which will mark the beginning of the sixth season of the popular show, has been on many people's minds all week and even inspired viewing parties all over New York City.

So where did we leave off? Don is with his obnoxious wife, Megan, an aspiring actress. A naked Roger took LSD in the season five finale, which aired last June. Pete Campbell got sucker punched as he should every episode. Joan went off on her creepy husband, who raped her in Don's office a couple of seasons ago. Peggy and Don ran into each other at the movies. Peggy no longer works with Don and the gang, but they get along nicely at the cinema. Word on the street is that she makes a return this season. Let's hope so, as she's a major character in the series and the Peggy-Don dynamic is perhaps the most interesting on the program.

What do you think will transpire on Sunday's episode? Has the show decreased in quality since its 2007 release or is it still going strong? Better yet, are you sad this is one of the last season premieres the show will ever have again? I know I am, but that's what season DVDs are for!