'Mad Men' Season 6 Live Stream: Where to Watch in New York

I hate to break it to you, but you cannot (legally) watch Mad Men online. There are, however, plenty of places around New York City (if you're in the area) hosting viewing parties, which lend themselves to dressing up in 60s attire, cocktails, whiskey, fun, encounters with new and like-minded people, and perhaps even romance. Hey, anything can happen in the world of Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and crew. If you're a fan of the program, you should know this! 

Look no further than to the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which hosts free screenings of Mad Men every Sunday night in the hotel's private theater. I'll definitely be paying (ha.ha.) the theater a visit sometime this summer. Will you? If not, perhaps you can try to bully one of your friends with a TV into letting you watch the episode at his/her residence. I'm not above it, and I'm sure you aren't either!