Roger Ebert Funeral: Westboro Baptist Church Vows to Picket Legendary Film Critic's Burial


The infamous anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket the funeral of Roger Ebert. The group based this decision off a Tweet Ebert posted days before his passing. In a press release, the group called Ebert a ‘f*g enabler.’ 

“GOD HATES F*G ENABLER ROGER EBERT! LORD WILLING, WBC TO PICKET IN LAWFUL PROXIMITY TO THE FUNERAL OF FAG ENABLER ROGER EBERT AT “PREISTS RAPE BOYS HOLY NAME CATHEDRAL" ( ... ) American entertainment industry publicity leech Roger Ebert took to Twitterverse to mock the faithful servants of God at Westboro Baptist Church, just days before he received the horrifying summons.”

Yes, who can forget the bible verse in Psalms 105:12 that read, “And ye shall protest any man’s funeral whom doth disgrace you on the Internet.” There's also that bit from Leviticus 19:30 that read; "And man shall write in only cap-locks, for it shall bear properly the message of the anointed ones." There seems to be a massive disconnect from the Bible the WBC is reading and that of the rest of Christianity. 

The church has adopted a rather different interpretation of the Bible from other Christians. Instead of a benevolent God, the Westboro church believes in one that is hell bent on hating “f*gs.” They do this all under the guise of Leviticus 19:17, which they believe instructs them to point out their neighbors sin. These people have bastardized the message “love thy neighbor” into a gruesome, hate filled Dogma.

Lead by Fred Phelps the group uses social media and other publicity techniques to get out its message of hate. Phelps is eighty-two years old, a man long past his prime but still filled with a hate the kind that most of us will fortunately never know. He believes that the American society is one headed towards damnation and he seems to be fueled by nothing more than that belief and his hatred as he and his church prepare to protest yet another funeral. 

Anonymous can you please hack their website again? It looks like they didn’t learn their lesson after threatening to protest the funerals of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. Perhaps one day Phelps and his church will realize that they are the people who need saving, but I won’t hold my breath for that.