Vladimir Putin Enjoys Anti-Government Protesters As Long As They're Naked


It looks like Vladimir Putin can take some anti-government criticism, but only if it comes in the shape of bare breasts. Well, that's depressing.

I would do a caption contest on this picture, but I think it's rather unnecessary considering Putin has already publicly admitted that he enjoyed the FEMEN demonstrators barging into  the trade fair in Hanover right before was about to take the floor.


"I liked it," he said during the press conference following the short protest. Putin also admitted to not only enjoying the protesters but also being super worried about their safety, something the Russian president is not exactly known for. During the press conference following the FEMEN protest, he said:

"To be honest, I didn’t really hear what they were shouting because the security [guards] were very tough. These huge guys fell on the lasses. That seemed not right to me, they could have been handled more gently."

That's funny because the last time non-topless people were chanting anti-government slogans directed at Putin, he got the police to raid their homes in the middle of the night to steal laptops and more than one million dollars in cash. Putin seems pretty much okay with opposition ... as long as it's naked. 

He actually seemed pretty disappointed that the guards took them away so fast because it didn't allow his to get a close enough look.

"I didn’t make out whether they were blondes, chestnut-haired or brunettes," the president said.

Just like last week's neocolonial "topless jihad" protest, I can't even begin to unpack this, nor do I really feel like it. Can FEMEN just go away now please? 

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