War With North Korea: Brazil's Top Political Party Endorses Kim Jong-Un [Full Transcript]


UPDATE: Apparently, the Worker's Party didn't really sign the letter. Their president just came out saying that they had nothing to do with the declaration. The original drafters of the letter to the North Korean embassy, the PCdoB ("Communist Party of Brazil", a smaller party), seem to have dragged them into it without asking, which is a pretty serious offense.

It's still worthy of notice though that there are several very influential groups among the undersigned, including the "Landless Movement" (MST) and UNE (National Student's Union, the main student's organization within the country), besides the PCdoB, which boasts a quarter of a million members.

I'm Brazilian. When I say I hate this country, people sometimes think I'm overreacting or they invariably bring up the beaches and Carnival and whatever.

Well, want any proof that Brazil sucks enough balls to clog up the Amazon river, here you go. That article in Portuguese details how the dominant political party of Brazil ("Partido dos Trabalhadores," or Worker's Party), together with other smaller parties and entities, has declared their support for North Korea through a letter sent to their embassy. 

North Korea.

You know, the place where if you point out that Kim Il-Sung looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy just broke up with his girlfriend, they will send you to a concentration campalong with all your family and friends, just for good measure.

They say the whole mess over there is America's and South Korea's fault, completely ignoring the fact that, as far as the North Korean leadership is concerned, they've been at war with the U.S. for 60 years and counting. Plus, who's making the nuclear threats? I don't see Obama playing with his nuke like it's a sling shot.

President Obama, I'm waiting for your immigration reform package to pass. How can a brother stay in a place like this? I refuse to go to the U.S. (or any other country) illegally, but the immigration process is a b*tch to go through, and I wouldn't be eligible in the first place, since I don't have family or work there. Have some compassion, man! Pretty soon the Brazilian government will be rounding my libertarian ass up for snuggling up with the "capitalist pigs." 

I want to qualify, though, that, as far as I know, that declaration doesn't represent the majority of the Brazilian people. Everyone I know and their dog repudiates North Korea and its every action, even people from the "left" (not that there is much of a right here).

Furthermore, when I say that I hate Brazil, I'm referring to its politics, not its people, who are just like any other people on Earth: there's some good ones, there's some bad ones.

That said, there are beaches in the U.S. too. And I never much cared for Carnival in the first place.

Here's my translation of the letter sent to the North Korean embassy:

"Mr. Embassador for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea;

The nuclear war campaign being developed by the United States against the DPRK has gone too far and come to the dangerous phase of real combat.

Even though the DPRK has repeatedly warned against such tactics, the U.S. has sent several B-52 bomber planes, along with other sophisticated means like Stealth R2 ships.

The training exercises with these bomber planes against the DPRK are actions meant to defy and provoke a never before seen reaction and make the situation intolerable.

The recent situations created at the Korean peninsula and America's machinations of nuclear war and its allied puppet South Korea, and their partners that threaten peace worldwide and in the region leads us to affirm:

1- Our complete support for the Korean people's struggle to defend their sovereignity and the country's national dignity.

2- We'll fight so the world will mobilize in the intention of ceasing America's and South Korea's war exercises against the DPRK; 

3- We will urge humanity and the progressive peoples of all the world that oppose the world speak up with the objective of keeping peace against the coercion and arbitrary behavior of U.S.'s terrorism.

Conscious of contributing and promoting an act of revolutionary faith for world peace, the undersigned entities assert their support and solidarity.

Brasília, 02 de abril de 2013.

PCdoB, PT, PSB, Cebrapaz, CUT, MST, MDD, UJS, UNE, Unegro, Unipop, CDRI, CDR/DF, MPS, CMP, CPB, Telesur, TV Comunitária de Brasília, Jornal Revolução Socialista"

So, yeah ... I guess I'm packing my bags ...