Iran Must Not Get a Nuclear Weapon


Sadly, if Iran does not back off their efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon, they will be forcibly stopped. Whether that occurs in 2012 is up to them.

Iran’s health, safety, welfare, and sovereignty are squarely in their hands. They control their own destiny.

The United States, Israel, and others have been very patient and measured in dealing with Iran to date, in spite of Iran’s violations and contempt of International Law and Convention and threats and taunts to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

The United States, the EU, and Gulf Nations are working very hard to avoid conflict and to put into effect more sanctions against Iran in an attempt to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. The U.S. is determined to isolate Iran’s Central Bank while at the same time convince countries dependent on Iranian oil to boycott it with the assurance that supplies will be forthcoming from other oil producing nations.

The last thing America, Israel, and our allies want to do is attack Iran. But, there is no doubt in my mind that will occur if Iran does not back down completely and verifiably from their pursuit of nuclear weapon capability.

There may be evidence that sanctions against Iran are working. In an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the New York Times reports:

“For the first time, I see Iran wobble,” [Netanyahu] went on to add, referring to “the sanctions that have been adopted and especially under the threat of strong sanctions on their Central Bank.”

“If these sanctions are coupled with a clear statement from the international community led by the U.S. to act militarily to stop Iran if the sanctions fail, Iran may consider not going through the pain. There’s no point in gritting your teeth if you’re going to be stopped anyway. In any case, the Iranian economy is showing signs of strain.”

Should sanctions fail and it is determined to a high degree of certainty that Iran is on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon, then I believe Israel should take the necessary and proper actions to defend itself with the help of other nations including the United States.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons