Reasons My Son is Crying Tumblr: Dad Documents All The Funny Reasons His Son Cries


Anyone who's ever spent more than five minutes with a two-year-old knows that the reasons for their huge fits are often trivial. Ending the endless tears can seem like an impossible task, but in hindsight, it's often pretty funny to think about the reasons kids erupt into tears in the first place.

Check out this one dad's quest to document all of the funniest reasons why his son cries. There's plenty on his Tumblr but we've selected our top five.

1. Mommy isn’t here when he woke up.  This is the 80th consecutive Tuesday morning she hasn’t been here when he woke up. (Also, the milk is in the wrong cup.)

2. He's out of pretzel sticks.

3. I broke his cheese in half.

4. Grandma wouldn’t let him spill his ice water all over her and the table.

5. The milk isn’t juice.


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