Will Kevin Ware Cut Down the Nets If Louisville Wins?


If Louisville wins, as the Las Vegas bookies have predicted, will Kevin Ware get the honor of cutting down the nets? 

His number 5 jersey will be noticeably absent in the title game that's scheduled to get underway tonight at 9:23pm EST on CBS. His gruesome injury while playing in the Elite Eight game against Duke garnered him national support. Ware's likability has made Cards the sentimental favorites ahead of Monday night's game. 

Here are some clips of Kevin Ware showing what it means to be gracious:

And what it means to take everything in stride:

Hopefully we will get to find out the answer to this question later on tonight.

Here's some reminders for where you can watch the final game: Live Stream It here, March Madness Live or download the NCAA March Madness App  for your tablet or mobile device.

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