National Championship 2013 Live Stream: Watch NCAA Title Game Online


In addition to being informative, I prefer to take advantage of any opportunity to drop some GIF bombs on you. 

So, hold onto to your chairs and get ready to use all of your comapny's bandwidth.

What time is the game on: 9:23pm EST that's the official time. Even Harry Potter here knows what time the game is on by now.

What channel? CBS. If you forget that, you'll end up like this North Carolina fan.

You don't want to miss this game do you?

I didn't think so. So if you don't have a TV here's what you do. Get on your best suit and get to a computer or go on your mobile / tablet device. 

 March Madness Live will stream the games on your computer and it is free. 

The NCAA March Madness App  is also free and is optimize for your tablet or mobile fun-time contraption. 

So get ready. It's on tonight in Georgia between Michigan and Louisville.

And finally, don't forget to break out your finest hand puppet.