Yes, Size Does Matter


Well, grab that penis pump and take that horny goat weed, because science has just confirmed that women find men with larger penises more attractive.

A team of international scientists — yes, a team of international scientists — worked tirelessly to answer the age old question of whether penis size really does matter. Spoiler alert: It does.

Scientists were confounded by a pair of studies about penis size that seemed to contradict one another, so researchers used another method to gauge whether schlong size really did matter. Brian Mautz from the University of Ottawa and other researchers asked 105 heterosexual Australian women to look at 49 life-sized nude computer generated images. The nude male images depicted various heights, shoulder-hip ratio and flaccid penis size. The images rotated so that the robot-men could be viewed from various angles. Women then rated the men on a scale of attractiveness from 1-7, the results were given anonymously. The study was released Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Yep, the acronym for the journal of the penis study is PNAS. 

A visual approximation of the study's participants:

Longer men were rated as more sexually attractive to the women in the study. Women not only rated the men as more attractive but they lingered on the image for longer periods of time. The study flies in the face of what many considered to be something that is personal preference as opposed to biological preference. So why do women long for a larger member? It most likely dates back to prehistoric times, prior to when we humans wore clothes. Women judged mates based on the size of nonretractable members. 

Men, this is no time to get down on yourself. Human male’s possess the largest penises of any other primates in relation to body size. So perk up. 

Men conducted a similar study about women and breast size, and it looked like this:

In summary: Science rules.