6 Reasons I'm Breaking Up With Chris Brown and Rihanna


Following the news that Rihanna and Chris Brown's have called it quits (AGAIN), one thing about the Grammy award-winning couple is clear: They are super annoying.  

Let's all stop lying to ourselves and admit that we could go through our daily lives without knowing which park bench they held hands on and at what club they had another fight about Chris Brown being a dick. Their relationship is toxic and I'm sick of hearing about it. I don't want Chris Brown and Rihanna to break up; I want to break up with them.

Here are six reasons that I need to break up with Rihanna and Chris Brown. 

1. Everytime their " turbulent romance" is glamorized in the media, a little part of me dies inside. It's not turbulent, it's abusive.

2. If I see the words "on-again, off-again" one more time I'm going to slap someone.

4. Every time they break up, I know they're lying ... mostly to themselves but also to me. So stop it.

4. I know I'm going to see a picture on Instagram of them smoking pot somewhere fancy together and it's going to be like nothing ever happened. Stop playing games!

5. It's not me. It's them.

6. To borrow the words once spoken by one of the greatest minds to ever come out of the Jersey Shore, "I'm DONE."

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