Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have it All Wrong


Inspired by OWS, protest has become the new rage to attempt to force change in America.

Rather than petitioning elected officials, an ineffective technique in this era of government gridlock, incompetence, and arrogance, protesters are taking to the streets to make their case. But is this an effective long-term strategy for our country?

I say no, and demand that Congress immediately become more receptive to the needs of all citizens to avoid future acts of civil disobedience. We need to bring back petition, the civilized way to change social and financial policies, before we experience violent disobedience. This can only be accomplished by major changes in Washington that will hopefully begin with the 2012 elections. Voters would be wise to replace those elected officials who have not responded to the will of the people.

In several Arab countries, faux democracies led by despotic leaders are prime targets of young people who through social media have organized massive revolts — the objective is real democracy and true representation. Petitioning government in these nations would be a fruitless exercise and result in persecution by government security forces, so protesters had no other choice but to be more aggressive towards their oppressors. Their successes have been well-documented.

In America, OWS protest is more of a social event encouraged by provocateurs who endorse anarchy. Their demands are cloudy, undefined, and undocumented. The leaders are mysterious and evasive, if they exist at all. Protesters demand changes in every aspect of life; their protests are dedicated to bringing down our government and our society.

After 235 years of relative stability and democratic government, a small group of protesters who say they are jobless and homeless are attempting to unite all the other people of America who have problems, and there are many. These neo-protesters are groundless individuals from circumstances that nurtured their unhappiness. They are looking for allies to help them tear down what has taken two centuries to build. But the response from the American heartland has been less-than-enthusiastic, even among those who are suffering greatly.

The serious problems facing Americans have been brewing for some time as we have all lived beyond our means; that includes our federal and state governments. Ultra-liberals in government have bestowed an endless stream of financial support, rather than jobs, on the needy, and now this support has become an entitlement for too many able-bodied individuals.

Entitlement means that one has a right to receive support; there is no such provision in our Constitution. And for the needy, it is a gift from the government only if the government can afford to provide it. Additionally, many individuals have granted money to the needy, as part of a wonderful societal consciousness that has developed over time in this country. In any case, this type of generosity should be granted to only those who are needy and cannot work.

Our economic situation will improve only after our government recognizes the fact that it can no longer be so generous to its constituents, that governmental aid is a dependency that has destroyed many communities, and that all people who can work should have a job, even if the government must create them.

Endless carping by activists to continue aid to undeserving projects must end because the people who are unable to care for themselves are being deprived. Provocateurs and lazy people who want handouts should be disabled and ostracized by our society. Petitioning government in the old fashion way should be renewed. This is the only way we can be sure that aid and charity go to those who really need it.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons