10 Ben & Jerry's Flavors We Wish Never Went to the Ice Cream Graveyard


Americans love freedom, and do you know what freedom tastes like? Ice cream. Ben & Jerry's understands this simple fact. Which is why they've had free cone day every year for the last 35 years. Ben & Jerry are the founding father's of the flavor combination dream teams, Americone Dream and Chunky Monkey. Sadly, not all flavors last, some are sent to a cold shallow grave long before their time is up. These flavors are gone but not forgotten. 

Here's ten discontinued flavors that we wish never met their untimely death: 

1. Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Throw out the Keurig, this ice cream is so potent it could fuel the American worker for days. The ice cream itself is made from roasted espresso. As if that's not enough they inject it with espresso bean fudge chunks. I'm not even sure what that means, but I like it.

2. Rainforest Crunch

Like biting into a bit of the Amazon, this vanilla based ice cream is filled with cashew and Brazil butternut candy. 

3. Bluesberry Lowfat Frozen Yogurt

More like Boozeberry, this ice cream has everything to fill your sad and lonely heart. Almonds, Jack Daniels, coffee ice cream, and did I mention the Jack Daniels?

4. Black and Tan

Sure, sure naming an ice cream after the notoriously violent killing arm of the British militia that operated during Ireland's war of independence seems like a bad idea ... but this ice cream actually had beer in it. If only they had added pizza chunks to it, then it would have been like eating sports.

5. Cool Britannia

If you could distill the Spice Girls into a flavor, this would have been it. Like the British rule of America, this flavor too came to an unfortunate demise. 

6. Fresh Georgia Peach 

Often imitated but never duplicated this powerful peach punch picks you up by your tongue and thrashes you onto the ground until you beg for sweet, sweet mercy. 

7. Wavy Gravy 

Like doing psychotropic drugs, without all the messy side effects. Carmel, cashew, and other nuts swirled together in an awesome mixture of taste and righteousness. 

8. Marsha Marsha Marshmallow

I know of no other way to drown one's sorrows more efficiently. Marshmallows, fudge, graham crackers ... if I close my eyes, I can almost imagine being invited to Prom.

9.  Appley Ever After

Is this America or Stalinist Russia? I can't tell since B&J got rid of this flavor. Nothing is more American than apple pie. Nothing. Brown sugar ice cream, swirled with other delicious appley stuffs. Just give it back okay?

10. World's Best Vanilla

Not one, not two, not even three kinds of vanilla are in this. There are eight, yes eight kinds of Vanilla in this ice cream. To eat this ice cream is to understand string theory. It's like existing on eight different vanilla-y planes. This ice cream might just be the answer to mortality. 

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