Coachella 2013 What to Wear: 7 Things You Forgot to Pack


It’s April, which means that music festival season is in full swing. If you’re like me, you’ve been counting down the days to Coachella since the first presale, and can’t believe that it’s finally here (two more days!). Since you’ve probably been spending the last few weeks pulling out all of the crochet, fringe and tie dye you can find in your closet (I know I have) while blasting your “Coachella Here We Come” playlist, here’s a list of festival necessities you might have overlooked.

1. A pair of funglasses (that still protect your eyes!)


Think Knockaround or Warby Parker — fun, protective, and under $100. Those new cat eye Stella McCartney shades that you’re obsessed with can stay at home — you can wear them the other 362 days a year that you aren’t at a music festival, since you’re more than likely going to lose whatever pair you bring. 

2. Hair color


Think disposable (like chalk or clip-ins) since your boss may not appreciate those unicorn-inspired streaks on Monday. 

3. Sunscreen — Including a Chapstick With SPF

It’s going to be over 90 degrees in Indio this weekend, and getting a headband tan (read: burn) line on Day One would be a total buzz kill. Don’t forget your SPF when you head to the festival. 

*Note: This would be the perfect opportunity to bring back some old school colored zinc sunblock — choose a color that matches the colored chalk on the tips of your hair.

4. Headbands

Duh. When else can you pull off that elastic braided crown that’s been sitting in your closet since 2007? (Personally I think every day but hey, that’s just me.)

5. Backpack/Fanny Pack/Cross Body Bag

Any hands-and-stress-free bag that will keep your iPhone and credit card snug during any and all of the jumping-up-and-down and hands-in-the-air action you desire. 

6. Closed Toe Shoes

I know, that floral mini sundress looks oh so cute with your new flat sandals, but let’s not forget, this is the desert. I’m all about embracing the whole festival-grunge thing, but you have plenty of time to show off your ombre pedicure at the pool party later. Think moccasins, converse, cowboy boots, flat booties — no one likes dirt between their toes.

7. Bathing Suit

Bikini tops and bandeau tops can double as crop-tops with jean shorts and long skirts or under low-cut or sheer tees. And then you can jump right in at the pool party — no costume change needed! 

*Note: Bare midriffs not your style? Try wearing a chic one piece (they’re all over the place these days) in a fun print or bright color as a body suit. Super cute and comfortable with your favorite cutoffs. The whole waterproof thing might come in handy when you’re in a mosh pit watching Passion Pit — don’t sweat it!