Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: She Will Do Anything For Fame


Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham is busted. In her plot to have a personal sex tape “accidentally” released, an interview with her adult film co-star James Deen and leaks from the porno’s distributor have showed that the so-called accident was an elaborate plan after all.

“I think what happened is that [the porn company was] going to pass it off as a 'sex tape' and somebody saw us coming out of a building together and people asked me what's going on ... so I was like we're making a porno!” Deen said in an interview with TMZ.

Abraham, who at first denied the allegations about a sex tape, came clean when the jig was up. She wants to sell it for millions and the reasoning given behind the creation of a tape was that she wanted to “immortalize” her youthful body to look back on once she grows old.

The fact that Abraham wanted to accidentally release a sex tape echoes a troubling sentiment when it comes to the nature of celebrity and women in general. The relationship is layered and complex — it is fragile, consuming, empowering, and desperate. At its worst, it can become destructive. Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing struggles and Britney Spears’ infamous head-shaving are prime examples of the latter.

There is constant pressure to stay beautiful and relevant — and it would appear that some women would go to great lengths in order to achieve these two pillars that can make or break their careers. And as consumers of fame, all we do is sit back and gossip — perhaps enable these women for better or worse.

Phenomenons like plastic surgery and cleansing diets are the norm in Hollywood. In this day and age, the outsiders of the celeb world don’t even blink an eye whenever such rumors spring up. But think about it — there are women out there who willingly partake in a surgeries produce (and all its health risks) to achieve the perfect bosom or a younger face. There are women out there who forgo eating solid food for ten days in exchange for a lemonade/maple syrup/cayenne pepper drink in order to lose weight fast. And then there are women who go into the business of accidental erotic films — because sex (ergo, youth) will always sell. 

Abraham’s sex tape is the latest incident that has kept her in the spotlight since the end of the MTV hit series Teen Mom. She’s made a music video, done modeling for swimwear, blogged about a DUI, written a book, and even made pasta sauce. While these forms of entrepreneurship are hardly out of the norm, the proverbial porno has gone down in past careers as the Next Big Step. Look what it did after all for the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. For all we know, Abraham may have wanted to follow in their footsteps. 

For a handful of women, fame is all they have. For women like Abraham, it would be wrong to judge her for residing in a pop culture that’s come so far in terms of feminism, but still operates in a realm of (sometimes) damaging misogyny that values physical appearances above all else.