Google Street View Catches Raunchy Couple In Action


We've all traveled the world using Google Maps. Sometimes, we even drag the little orange man onto the map to use the Street View function, where we can see what it's like to drive the streets of Paris, Shanghai, or even to see if we can find ourselves in Google's view of our own homes.

Some of us have even been lucky enough to spot this guy driving around, taking photos of our everyday lives:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you posed for this camera? Would Google have to come back and retake the photos, or would they just ... not care?

After seeing some of these images, I learned it was usually the latter. And after viewing the photos I'm about to show you, I threw my laptop across the room and wondered out loud if anyone ever sees the photos before they're uploaded.

You can click on the photos to view the probably-not-safe-for-work versions:

Aaaaand they're doin' it. Maybe.

The image as viewed on Maps has since been blurred out, which is probably for the best. But this Australian couple still serves as an inspiration for exhibitionists around the world who want to find a new venue for their attention-seeking behavior.