Immigration Reform 2013: Is This the Soundtrack For Reform?


In the midst of immigration reform in the United States, immigrant advocates at the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) are pushing a campaign called “Not One More Deportation,” that will hopefully stop deportations in its entirety and prevent families from separating. The purpose of NDLON is to encourage collaborations between community artists, musicians, organizers and organizations to work as allies to overcome deportations and unjust laws.

A recent collaboration is between La Santa Cecilia from Los Angeles, Calif., and artists from all over the country. La Santa Cecilia is a band that uses influences from all over the world to create a high-energy feeling of love and unity in the space. They are successful in making you move your hips, sway in unison, and do the Selena “Washing Machine.” produced a music video featuring La Santa Cecilia called “ICE El Hielo” that highlights the humility of day laborers who come to this country for a better life for themselves and their families. Meanwhile, all kinds of artists are being asked by individuals placed in deportation hearings to submit work that reflects the injustice that is happening.

Community organizers and artists have been working together for generations to combat social injustices by bringing together creative minds and hearts. Music captures our hearts while art captures our souls. NDLON has created something truly magical with this project to include all kinds of mediums to connect the country to unjust immigration laws so real change can happen.

Not only has La Santa Cecilia created a beautiful music video that supports the undocumented community in the U.S., but they have worked in solidarity with many non-profit organizations that work to bring awareness to these issues.