Siblings Day and 10 Other Totally Made-Up Holidays


Did you miss Siblings Day? It was yesterday, April 10. If you missed it don’t worry, I didn’t even know the day existed until about 9:00pm last night. Luckily for us, April is filled with useless made-up Holidays. Here are some of the best. 

1. Siblings Day: April 10

Siblings are pretty great, but I don't need a special day to remind me of that. Also, what a terrible way to make only children feel even crappier. 

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: April 12

Fire up the panini press and break out the butter, it's time for a grilled cheese sandwich. The grilled cheese dates all the way back to the Romans, but it didn't become popular in the U.S. until the 1920s. 

3. High Five Day: April 18

This one seems appropriate. I endorse this day. It's not just about high fives though, the day is dedicated to promoting awareness about cancer. Cancer infects two out of every five people. I will say this is a rather circuitous way to go about promoting cancer awareness. 

4. Talk Like Shakespeare Day: April 23

Hath thou not speakest like Shakespeare? T'wouldn't the day be long and the night short ... anyway, don't partake in this day. You will just annoy everyone. Shakespeare day is held on April 23, because that was the day he was born

5. Administrative Professionals Day: April 24

Administrative professionals will never feel better about being administrative professionals, no matter how many days you give them. At the end of the day you're still just making copies and pretending like you care about your job. 

6. Hug A Plumber Day: April 25

There have got to be better ways to encourage people to enter into the drainage industry. 

7. Pretzel Day: April 26 

As if any of us needed an excuse to eat these doughy delights. 

8. Hug an Australian Day: April 26

Do you mean to tell me I can eat a pretzel and hug an Australian on the same day? Oh fortune you hath smiled down upon me. 

9. Dance Day: April 29

Just No. 

10. Honesty Day: April 30

How exactly is participation in this day judged? I'm all set on honesty, how about an, "everyone tells me what I want to hear day." 

11. Straw Hat Appreciation Month 

So it's not really a holiday, it's more of a month-long thing. Really though, no one likes straw hats enough to celebrate them every day. Except for maybe the dude above.