Darry Sragow: USC Professor Caught Bashing Republican Party On Tape


Tyler Talgo, a student at USC, was tired of hearing professor Darry Sragow bash Republicans in his Regulation of Elections and Political Finance course, so he decided to record a few lectures. He then gave these lectures to CampusReform.org who then posted some clips on YouTube.

The video is shocking; Sragow calls the Republican Party “stupid and racist,” accuses Republicans of suppressing minority votes, says that the base of the Republican Party (along with Mormons) believe in sexism, and rants about how Al Gore won the presidency but had it stolen by none other than Republicans.

On the flip-side, Sragow says that smart people vote Democrat, the good candidate is a Democratic candidate, tax increases will save California from “blowing into little pieces”, and “Vote for Obama because he’s going to create jobs, and keep the peace and protect Social Security.”

You can see Sragow’s sorry stabs at the Republican Party here and decide for yourself whether or not he is worthy of condemnation. 

Thoughts? Was the student right to expose his professor on YouTube or was the teacher merely exercising his freedom of speech right? Should professors be allowed to talk like this in class or does it alienate students of other views?