Kentucky Progress: Did the Left Put A "Hit" On Senator McConnell?


We know now that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent campaign strategy meeting regarding Ashley Judd was recorded by Progress Kentucky, who admitted to making the tape, and that it was done outside in an adjacent hallway. David Corn, who broke the story, has no comment. Local Kentucky Democrat, Jacob Conway, said he outed the group to "protect the Democratic Party." Regardless, it still doesn't negate the fact this recording was used by the left in a possible premeditated attack to oust McConnell in 2014. It may sound odd, but there's enough evidence to raise one's suspicions.  

Last Tuesday, Public Policy Polling released their data on McConnell, and Senate Majority PAC launched their McConnell microsite. This is probably aimed to push Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) into running against McConnell. Grimes is still on the fence on whether or not she will mount a senatorial campaign. Now, the Soros-funded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed an ethics complaint with the FBI – and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics – against Sen. McConnell for allegedly "misusing official staff" for his campaign. It's odd, since CREW's co-founder is Obama ethics czar that has kept the D.C. watchdog community from attacking the president, except when it evidently comes to Republicans.

After Obama's 2008 election, he tapped Norm Eisen, successful attorney, CREW co-founder, and major fundraiser during his campaign, to be his ethics czar. Yet, as Paul Thacker at Slate noted on March 12:

"Eisen was likely handed the ethics portfolio for a specific reason: He was steeped in the world of Washington watchdogs. (Eisen is one of the co-founders of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW.) With Eisen on board, the administration was able to make cosmetic changes and neutralize harsh disapproval with a classic Washington maneuver—inviting potential critics to the White House for meetings. The administration understood that many of these groups would be satisfied by getting meetings with the ethics czar, and would calculate that if they became too critical of the president that their newfound “access” would be in peril. So the watchdogs have scampered up to the White House time and again, hopeful that maybe with the next election, the next initiative, maybe even the next meeting, something would change."

As a result, the administration was able to escape harsh criticism in the Fast and Furious fiasco. Nonetheless, Thacker mentioned that when Obama won in 2012, some watchdogs, like Kathleen McClellan of the Government Accountability Project, tweeted if they could now slam the president for his covert operations in the War on Terror.

With McConnell, it seems like Eisen's group has unleashed the hounds. However, what's more glaring is the fact that Mother Jones, who released the tape, admitted to coordinating this attack back in December when the key players of America's left wing gathered to discuss ways to change American politics – and defeat the conservative movement.  

It's called the Democracy Initiative. Yet, during the meeting, "[T]he attendees focused on opportunities for 2013. On money in politics, Nick Nyhart of Public Campaign, a pro-campaign-finance-reform advocacy group, singled out Kentucky, New York, and North Carolina as potential targets for campaign finance fights.

In a recent interview, Nyhart said the Kentucky battle would likely involve trying to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Public Enemy No. 1 for campaign finance reform, who faces reelection in 2014."  Furthermore, "a non-editorial employee of Mother Jones also attended" the conference. CREW was another participant of this progressive cabal. 

While this story is developing, this is starting to resemble a coordinated attack by the institutional left. Politics is a war – but Mother Jones should quit acting like it's reporting of this story is in the interest of the public. They're part of the communications arm of the progressive left, and willing players in this attempt to drag this country way outside the mainstream.