Gun Control Debate 2013: Fox News Deletes Ann Coulter's Disgusting "Joke" About Shooting Meghan McCain


In a now deleted Fox News blog post on gun control, Ann Coulter inappropriately suggested shooting Senator McCain's daughter Meghan McCain.  The insane comment comes in response to a conversation that MSNBC host Martin Bashir had with Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland.    

The congressman, who is in support of stricter gun laws, came on the show to discuss the GOP's unbalanced threat to filibuster gun laws. Bashir explains that even though 90% of Americans support background checks when purchasing a gun, GOP senators still promise a filibuster if that comes to vote.

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, gun control has been a hot topic. Congressman Cummings experienced a personal tragedy when his nephew was shot dead at 21. To this story, Bashir rhetorically responded, "Is that what needs to happen to move these senators to stop threatening a filibuster? Is that really what needs to happen? That you need to have a member of your family killed in order for you to do what the American people want you to do?"

Ann Coulter took this conversation as ammo to remark, "Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support Democrats' gun proposals," and that they should "start with Meghan McCain." Coulter is notorious for making outrageous statements, but by deleting this post, even Fox News thought this went too far.

Meghan McCain responded via Twitter, "Apparently Ann Coulter made a joke about me being killed in a recent column. I should expect nothing less but disgusted regardless." She followed up in a more grave manner with "My father is a very famous politician. My family gets a lot of threats. Joking about me being killed really isn’t funny or appropriate."

Ann Coulter has still not responded or apologized to Meghan or the McCain family.