Gay Man Gets Restraining Order For Wanting to Visit His Partner's Hospital Bed


While Uruguay is busy legalizing gay marriage, America is fighting justice by arresting delinquent gay men who dare visit their sick partners in the hospital. USA! USA! USA!

On Tuesday, Roger Gorley went to visit his partner Allen at the Research Medical Center in Kansas City and was asked to leave by one of the patient's family members. Since the man refused to leave his partern's bedside, the staff decided to get him arrested.  Because he wasn't Allen's husband, he didn't have the right to visit him and therefore was handcuffed and escorted outside the hospital.

I'm so glad the precious time and resources of police officers are put to good use by keeping men from visiting each other when they're sick. What kind of twisted person does that? I'm so relieved someone is keeping these nefarious criminals off the street! 

The hooligan in question (pictured above), explained that because the couple only has a civil union, he wasn't given the right to visit his husband. "I was not recognized as being the husband, I wasn’t recognized as being the partner," Gorley said. 

Gorley is no longer allowed to visit his sick partner because the hospital has given a restraining order which bans him from entering the hospital. Despite this blinding injustice, the Research Medical Center of Missouri is maintaining that it does not discriminate based on sexual orientation. 

Now THAT makes me sick.

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