Ke$ha Gay? Or Was the Dance With a Woman At Gay Bar a Publicity Stunt?


Pop star Ke$ha is known for her wild antics and pro-party songs, and she caused a bit of a stir on Wednesday night when she was seen at a Los Angeles gay bar getting cozy with a female date. She also recently spoke with Seventeen magazine and told them in an honest interview that she was bisexual. Good for her, but we have to wonder if in a world where celebrities have done it all, is coming out as LGBT the best and easiest way to get publicity?

Ke$ha was seen at the Roosterfish Bar in Venice, Calif., with her date. According to onlookers, it was apparent that the two were not just friends as they danced closely together for about an hour before getting into a car and leaving. One said, “When Michael Jackson’s song 'Man in the Mirror' started playing on the juke box Ke$ha grabbed her date and pulled her to the middle of the crowded bar and started dirty dancing with her.” There were also some “hoots and hollars” from the fellow bar goers as they left, probably as people began to realize who she was.

This does not come as a huge surprise after Ke$ha has recently been very open about her sexuality, specifically in her interview with Seventeen that she did in January where she said, “I don't love just men. I love people. It's not about a gender. It's just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you're with.”

The only questionable part about all is that we have to look at Ke$ha’s intentions with this statement. Sure, perhaps she is genuinely sharing this about herself to help others feel comfortable coming out or to gain visibility for the LGBT community, but there is also a chance that her intentions are less pure. Being bisexual is still viewed by many as being cool or trendy and there is a chance that Ke$ha is just trying to hop on the gay train too. Artists like Lady Gaga have made a name, as well as a fortune, for themselves by appealing to the gay community, it isn’t that crazy for Ke$ha to do the same. Although I truly hope Ke$ha is doing it for the right reasons, it is important to question these kinds of celebrity moves.