The Funniest Video About Street Harassment You'll See Today


Today marks the end of the second annual International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Since roughly 100% (OK, 99%) of women will be harassed on the street in their lifetime, it's kind of a super important issue.

Sure, I think women should be brought up to know that they can hollaback at men who harass them. However, I think men should taught something too. Why? Well don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure street harassment would stop completely if men just stopped doing it. I know. Unbelievable.

Because men have the power to end street harassment, it's imperative that they start talking about it with other men. Comedian W. Kamau Bell, host of the show Totally Biased, makes the perfect (and hilarious) video to spark that conversation.

My favorite part is when he asks one of the women he's interviewing: "What are we going to do about these dudes?" and she simply responds: "Talk to your dudes."  That's when Bell takes a megaphone and starts addressing his fellow New Yorkers.

"If you are cat-calling and you think you are building up a woman's confidence than yes, you are it makes her confident that you're a creep." he points out. "Dudes, if you can't help yourself from speaking to women on the street, here are some sensitive and sensible alternatives to 'Hey Baby,'" Bell goes on to say. Here are the best alternatives to offensive street harassment but listen to the whole video for more: 

1. "I would love to help you accomplish your goals."

2. "I don't care if any fries come with that shake, I just want to know if you'll like my poetry."

3. "I want to stick my tongue down your mind."

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