Top 10 Kim Jong-un Memes From The Internet


North Korea is desperately trying to become a nuclear power to contend with. Recently, it's been said to have the capability of fitting a small nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile. But that's where the "moderate confidence" confession comes in with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. While Kim Jong-un may well be capable of launching a nuclear device, his accuracy still sucks, if failed tests in the past are any indication. While neighboring South Korea is on high alert, government representatives also seem to doubt any call to action on Pyongyang's part would be carried out soon. So where does that leave the Internet, in the midst of breaking news and stern-faced politicians wagging their fingers against an unpredictable and bratty leader?

In tears ... of laughter. Here are the top ten memes circulating the web in light of the world's "It's Really, Really, Really Complicated" status with North Korea. 

1. Snickers savior:

2. Because all black guys look the same?

3. Obama doesn't have time for this:

4. Channeling Sarah Palin:

5. ... And George W. Bush: 

6. Weak rocket swag:

7. More bite than bark:

8. Wrestlemania:

9. Dictator Style vs. Gangnam Style:

10. Rallying the troops:

What do you think? Are there some memes you'd add onto the list? Should the Internet be taking Kim Jong-un more seriously? Share your thoughts!