10 Essential Things to Do Before You Turn 25


Frankly, there are thousands of things you should do before you turn 25. It's a downward spiral from then on (I kid!), so there's plenty you need to get done before you're old, frail, and socially irrelevant. But in all seriousness, this stuff is essential. Do it while it can still legitimately shape you as a young and growing entity.

Here are ten things you should do before you turn 25.

1. Go to Africa but don't go on Safari:

Photo Credit: Bangui Hotels

Lots of people travel the world to experience new people and ideas, but when it comes to African countries, they seem mostly interested in the animals. Don't be one of those people. Unless you're a professional biologist, then you have an excuse.

2. A weekend in Las Vegas:

Photo Credit: Athena

Everyone needs a Hangover story.

3. Fall in love and have your heart broken.

Photo Credit: The Reality Check

It'll obviously happen some day, but the sooner you get it over with the sooner you can keep it moving.

4. Learn to cook one thing really well:

Photo Credit: Home Team Fitness

Few things are more impressive than being able to say, "I make the best panang curry in the world" and being able to back it up.

5. Work retail:

Photo Credit: Blogspot

The world treats retail workers like absolute garbage. Get some empathy in your life, walk a mile (or a year) in their shoes.

6. See a live Snow Leopard:

Photo Credit: Bit Rebels

They're rare and absolutely gorgeous, and who knows how much longer they'll be around?

7. Read Karl Marx:

Photo Credit: CNN

Americans especially are indoctrinated to believe capitalism is the only legitimate economic reality. I recommend getting (at least) a second opinion.

8. Get in a fistfight:

Photo Credit: Us Magazine

Because you're less likely to survive one when you're old.

9. Eat an animal you've killed:

Photo Credit: Wisconsin History

The disconnect between production and consumption is a general problem in American culture, and doing this can put some of that in perspective.

10. Ride a rollercoaster:

Photo Credit: Fatherly Advice and RANTS

And I don't mean that baby one at the county fair. I'm talking about "you must be at least 60'' tall to ride" sh*t. Something with corkscrews and loops, and that people with heart disease and pregnant women don't ride.